Captivation Labs is a UK technology startup founded in 2015, with presence in London and Berlin.

We’re developing familia: a digital storytelling platform for young children.

Our story

Captivation Labs is the brainchild of two friends: Mark Garner and Konstantin Zlatanov, both keen photographers. Like most smartphone owners, they took snaps with their phones all the time. And they ended up with thousands of images in a disorganised mess.

Captivation Labs was established to put that right. We began with our first project, SORTED: a fun, gamified way to encourage people to organise their photo collections. Soon, we recruited more passionate, talented minds to our team.

From photos and videos to memories and stories

As we advanced with SORTED, we realised that while smartphones are great for capturing moments, the apps available are not so good at telling the stories behind our memories. That suggested an opportunity to do something bigger than just organise and share photos.

As families, we’re creating more and more photos and videos. There are plenty of ways to curate and share visual memories, but they’re all aimed at parents. Even though children are the stars of the show, they have to take a back seat when it comes to telling stories.

What if there was a way for kids to tell their own stories, using just photos, videos and their own words?

What if we could hear the story behind a picture, instead of just looking at it?

What if there was a single storytelling platform that would work both at home and in the classroom, so children could learn through creative play whenever they wanted?

Our projects


“Let’s face it.
Taking photos is more fun than organising them!”

SORTED is an app that turns managing photos into an everyday habit. It encourages users to dip in and sort out a few photos during brief ‘time windows’ such as riding the subway or waiting to meet friends. This breaks the task down into bite-sized chunks, making it seem less daunting. Through a simple, human-centric gamified interface, SORTED makes organising photos quick, easy and fun.

“Empowering children to playfully tell stories and safely share experiences”

familia is a mobile app and digital storytelling platform. familia puts the child centre-stage: it enables children to develop their creative, narrative and social skills through play, both at home and in the classroom. Through playing interactive challenges using multimedia content, children can express their own thoughts, emotions and recollections and tell engaging stories.

Parents and educators can offer children a new way to co-create visual stories that’s in tune with modern digital lifestyles.

Our team

We are a team of experienced photographers, creatives and business professionals.

We all share a belief in using technology for creativity, education and storytelling.

Our mission is to teach children 21st-century skills and provide them with the digital platform to tell, share and nurture their childhood memories.

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